Word spread quickly about James' unique case and several articles appeared in the news. Click the links below to read more:
Predator or Prey?
For James Rodriguez, the only way to freedom was to confess to sex crimes he — and one of his alleged victims — says he did not commit.
by Ben Ehrenreich, LA Weekly
Molester Law Holds No Guarantee
Originally appeared in Press-Enterprise, June 1, 2004
News Coverage
Channel 8 KFMB San Diego
September 30, 2005
KFMB News Channel 8
October 7, 2005.
Thank you to David Gotfredson, Senior News Producer at Channel 8, who despite requests from the San Diego S.A.F.E. Task force to not cover James' story, did so anyways to shed light on the truth of a wrongful conviction.