No Justice for James
This website is about the wrongful conviction of James Rodriguez.

In the 1980s and 1990s, accusations of satanic ritual sex abuse were popping up all over the place. It mainly focused on daycare workers. The were overturned in 1996. There were six other similar cases in Kern Countyfirst one to garner national attention was in 1982 in Kern County, California. Debbie and Alvin McCuan and Steven and Brenda Kniffen were accused of molesting their own children. The charges were made by the McCuan children's step-grandmother, who had custody of the children. She was determined to be suffering from schizophrenia, nevertheless the McCuans and Kniffens were convicted in 1984 and given a combined sentence of1000 years behind bars. Their convictions , involving a total of at least 60 children. Another case that made national attention was in 1983 when accusations were made against Raymond Buckey (by his estranged wife) and his grandmother, Virginia McMartin and her daughter, Peggy McMartin Buckey, who owned the McMartin Preschool in Los Angeles, California. Some other cases are listed below:

First Days of Freedom. April 24, 2004
1984 Fells Acres Day Care Center
1984 Bernard F. Baran, Jr., Convicted January 30, 1985
1985 Bronx Five case
1985 Bakersfield John Stoll and Grant Self
1985 Wee Care Nursery School in New Jersey in April
1987 Cleveland child abuse scandal in England
1989 Glendale Montessori in Stuart, Florida
1989 Little Rascals Day Care Center, Edenton, North Carolina
1994 start of Wenatchee Sex Rings case, Washington.

James Rodriguez fell into this unfortunate hysteria in 1985 in Riverside, California. His case shares eerie similarities to many of the cases mentioned above. He and several others, including the parents of the alleged victims, were accused of various sexual acts, including sodomy, against two brothers, ages 11 and 13. The boys, along with their older brother and sister, had been removed from the custody of their parents and placed with their aunt. It was in her care when the allegation of sexual abuse first arose. From day one, James professed his innocence, but to no avail.

In April 2004, a simple e-mail led to his release from imprisonment, and he was able experience his first taste of freedom in over 19 years.

Click here to read  Predator or Prey by Ben Ehrenreich, for a more in-depth understanding of this travesty of justice.

​National Center for Reason and Justice

Greeting Folks,
I come to you today in a good way, to thank you and The Creator for supporting me and my wife through the trials and tribulations since April 19, 2004. That was the day I was released from a five-year civil commitment at Atascadero State Hospital as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP), after having spent 13 years in prison for a crime to which I and my co-defendants were forced to plead guilty.
To recap, in 2004 my “victims” recanted their original testimony from 1985 and 1987 to detectives from the Riverside County District Attorney’s office, who were trying to mount a campaign to keep me from being released from Atascadero State Hospital. Brothers Eddie and Randy had not seen one another for years when they were asked about me prior to my release in April of 2004. Both stated the sexual abuse had been made up and had never happened.
I returned to my reservation in San Diego County and was required to register every 90 days as a high-risk sex offender with the county Sheriff. I was also surveilled by the S.A.F.E. (Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement) task force, which included the Department of Justice. Unbeknownst to me, a tracking device was placed under my truck. When I discovered it, I burned it in a firepit. In 2005 I was arrested and charged with arson (destroying state property) and failing to register a second address (I never registered Beth’s address as a residence because I never lived with her).
I am grateful to Judge Bernard Revak (Ret.), who instead of granting the District Attorney’s request to lock me up for the rest of my life, gave me 17 months in prison. I was placed on parole until 2010.
Every 90 days and also on my birthday I must re-register as a Sexually Violent Predator with San Diego County. Every now and then the S.A.F.E. Task force comes to check that I reside here. I will never be able to remove the Sex Offender label from my name.
My wife, my best friend, has published a memoir, titled
Please Don’t Feed the Animals: A Psychologist’s Memoir." 
​It’s the story of her experience as a clinical psychologist at
A​tascadero State Hospital, and how we met and eventually
​fell in love (a crazy story!). It is available on Amazon for Kindle,
​so check it out.

Thank you for supporting me throughout the years.
​I hope life is treating you well.
​Remember, God is good!
James Rodriguez